Peanut Races

on 10.03.2007

People, a full pint of beer & a shelled peanut.

Players must be stood over their drinks with the peanut held above their glasses.

How to play:
Each player must drop their peanut into the pint glass at the same time. Once the peanut has hit the bottom of the glass, it will slowly rise up to the top of the pint glass again. The player whose peanut reaches the top last must proceed to down the pint straight away. After this, glasses must be refilled with the loser shouting out the countdown to the next round. Fines can be imposed for players who jump the gun, use hollowed out peanuts or missing the glass. Apparently this does happen!

Donít even try playing this with Guinness. Youíll never see your nuts again.

And Finally..
Please remember to drink safely!

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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