Bet On Your Liver

on 10.31.2007

2 decks of cards

1 very large Beer mug(the bigger the better)

Lots of 30's or a keg

4+ people

its a little boring but its a good way to kick off the night

First place cards face down on a table, then choose a person to start with the empty beer glass in front of them. The person pours their beer into the beer glass, they choose the amount it can be a lil it can be a whole can(thats the bet). Next they must pick a card and guess if it is black or red, if they say red and pick up a red card then they pass the beer mug to the next person. The same procedure takes place they place their bet in the mug and then pick. If they choose incorrectly they must drink all the contents in the beer mug. Now several people can guess correctly and the mug can have close to 3 beers in it and the person must drink all of the contents.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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