Wiffle Ball Drinking Or Fuzzy Ball

on 10.31.2007

Requirements for this Drinking Game:

One wiffle-ball bat, one wiffle ball, something to cut the end of the bat off with, a team of players (enough for a game of baseball), and plenty of beer!

Drinking Game Directions:

1) Cut one end of the bat off. Either one will do fine...the big end might work out the best but involves a bit more spilling. If you are a fan of shot-gunning you could cut a hole in the big end wide enough to pour your beer in.

2) Set up a small baseball diamond.(not too big or the drinking game gets tiring)

3) Fill the bat with as much beer as you think you can handle. Do not overfill as it will cause problems later on!

4) Drink your beer-bat as fast as possible and have someone pitch you the ball when you are finished.

5) If you hit the ball, run the bases. If not, fill the bat with half the amount as you did before, and continue this until you hit it or you strike out. If you happen to have a keg and someone strikes out then make them do some keg stands. If not make them drink another bat, or if you're trying to save the beer just humiliate them a bit!

Hoped you enjoyed this CrazyShit Drinking Game!

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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