Get Drunkered

on 12.03.2007

Before you start this game, there is a bit of craft work you need to do. Using paper, cut out 2 dice (this is done by measuring out a cross that is 4 boxes long, with three boxes across at the second box. like a cross) Make them big, too. Now label the dice. For house rules, on number on each die must be in spanish, and one number on at least one die must have "Ha Ha Haaa" on it (like the count from sesame street.

Decide who the which person will roll first. Then each person rolls. After each roll the player must say his/ her number out loud. The person who rolls the lowest number drinks. Continue round after round for drunken fun.

HOUSE RULES: These are rules we came up with when we were wasted. Also, it is important to note that these rules are in addition to the lowest number drinks rule, so it is possible to take multiple drinks per round, or have multiple drinkers per round.

1) THE DIRTY SANCHEZ: When you roll both spanish numbers, you must take a drink from the dirty sanchez. Afterwards you must add some of your drink to it.

2) THE COUNT: If you roll the die with "Ha Ha Haaa" on it you must say your number as the count from sesame street (ex. 6, Ha Ha Haaa...) If you don't and are caught, you must drink.

3) FUDGING THE MATH: If you add your dice incorrectly, you drink anyways.

4) HERE'S TO YOU, MRS. ROBINSON!: If you get the same score as another player on an ODD NUMBER, you toast and say "Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson!"

5) FACEOFF: If the circle gets down to two people for any reason (ie: bathroom run, get up for beer, etc) you each roll a single die, and lowest number drinks. This continues until the circle gets back to 3.

6) HOUSE RULE: Pretty self-explanatory. If you want, add your own house rules. HAVE FUN!!!

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