Beer Chess

on 12.03.2007


* Enough 1 oz. shot glasses to fill the appropriate amount of spaces on a chess board.
* One black and one red semi-permanent felt marker.
* One chess board, bought or home-made.
* Undiluted alcohol of your choice. eg whiskey.


Mark half of the shot glasses with the corresponding names of characters (eg bishop etc). Set up the chess board as you would for a regular game. Fill your half of the glasses with something you can down in a shot. Your opponent should fill theirs also. Now you are ready to play. The regular rules apply. The only difference in this game is that when a piece is captured your opponent must drink the liquor from the piece (glass) that was taken. Chess will never be stuffy and boring again, HAVE FUN!

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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