The Viking

on 12.03.2007

Be very very shitfaced, or at least drunk!

Like the previous, gather in a circle around a table. Beer at the ready!

How to play
The least wasted player in the group begins the game, by making the ‘Viking’. Making the Viking involves putting both hands to your face, fixing your thumbs to the temple and then waving your remaining fingers frantically – this represents the Vikings horns… don’t ask! The two players on the Vikings left and right must immediately take position in rowing the ship, using the standard Hawaii Five-O style technique. Play changes when the Viking claps horns and points to another play, who must take up position straight away. Fines are made for hesitation, mistakes and slow wiggling of the fingers. This is very important.

When acting as Viking, look at another player and move your horns together, but do not clap hands. If the victim even flinches, they must down the appropriate penalty.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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