on 12.03.2007

Accesories needed: 1. Four empty beer bottles
2. A frisbee
3. A cup (optional)
4. A soft playing surface such as grass or sand
5. Beer

Two pairs of beer bottles face each other at a distance of about thirty feet. The pairs of beer bottles themselves are spaced a frisbee-length apart. Equidistant between the pairs of bottles, a cup of beer is placed.

Basic rules:
Two teams of two people stand behind each pair of bottles. Teammates are positioned on the same side (not opposite each other).

The two sides take turns attempting to hit either bottle with the frisbee. Teammates also alternate shooting.

When someone hits one of the bottles, that team scores a point. Also, a melee ensues (see below). Successfully converting on a melee is worth two more points, for a total of three on the play.

After the melee, all knocked over bottles are reset. Also, the beer in the cup is refilled.

The game is played to 15 points.

The melee: First off, team mates should know beforehand who is the designated "CrazyShitter" for the melee. The role of CrazyShitter alternates between team mates. When someone (called the "Bruce") hits a bottle with the frisbee, that person runs to the other side. His goal is to hit one of his team's own bottles. He must shoot from behind the plane created by their opponents' bottles (he doesn't have to be directly behind them, however). The Bruce's team mate, the "Shithead", may redirect the frisbee while it's in the air to aid in knocking a bottle over. Meanwhile, as soon as the initial bottle is struck, the CrazyShitter (from the opposite team) charges towards the beer in the middle. He must chug the cup (or about 5 seconds of pulling off of a can beer) before he can face the side the Bruce is shooting from. Once the CrazyShitter has finished drinking, he can roam wherever. Play stops either when the CrazyShitter touches the Frisbee or the Bruce completes the three point play. During the melee, the CrazyShitter and the Shithead usually engage in physical play centered on gaining position to get a clear shot at the bottles (or defend them).

Other rules:

If the frisbee passes between the two bottles without knocking either over, it is called a "Inbetweenis". A team which collects three tweenises gains a point. There is no melee, however. There is no limit on tweenises.

If during an initial toss the frisbee does not make it to the opponents' bottles, the other team may shoot from that advanced spot.

The Shithead may retrieve the Frisbee and send it back to the Bruce. The Bruce must be the one that makes the throw toward the bottles, though. Also, the Bruce may go wherever to retrieve the Frisbee, but he must throw from behind the plane.

Hitting both bottles, either on the original toss or during a melee, does not score additional points.

The CrazyShitter's team mate may tell him 'left' or 'right' during the chug phase. Otherwise, he must stay out of the melee.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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