Beat The Barman

on 01.14.2008

Another game for the insane, very very high buzz factor. As the story goes, nobody has ever won, lost or drawn.

Some tips :

* don't play it in a crowded bar (you may lose 'your' barman). * Make sure the bar staff are friendly and can take a joke (very important to avoid a draw). * Don't make any plans for the following morning.

The steps are very simple:

1. The drinker approaches the bar and orders a shot drink (whisk(e)y, bourbon, vodka, etc., etc..). 2. The drinker pays for the drink with too much money (i.e. hand over a $5-bill for a $2 drink). 3. As the barman goes away to get change, the drinker shoots the shot. 4. When the barman returns with the change, go to step number 1.

The game ends in a number of possible ways:

* drinker falls over (Result: Bar wins). * barman punches drinker's lights out (Result: Draw). * drinker gets thrown out (Result: Draw). * bar closes (Result: Drinker wins).

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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