Beer Flong

on 02.25.2008

Flong is Beer Pong and Flip Cup combined.

You have the same set up as you would in Beer Pong.

The cups are in a triangle on each side of the table.

Then you line your friends up on the sides of the table.

The people that are on the sides of the table are assigned to a Beer Pong team.

When someone throws the ping pong ball into a cup of the opposing team, the two people in the middle of the table cheers and start flip Cup.

Who ever wins flip Cup gets to take off a cup of the losing team.

If the team that made the Ping Pong loses the flip Cup then each team loses a cup.

If the team that made the Pong in the cup wins flip cup then they get to remove two cups from the opposing team.

The Beer Pong players are the end of the flip cup.

Beer Pong rules still apply.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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