Bleeding Kings

on 11.06.2008

Easy game, rules simple enough for stupid people. Very High shitfaced factor.

Supplies: friends(or enemies), beer (duh), and a deck o' cards.

Mix a deck of cards, spread them out face down on a table. Place a cup, or some sort of container in center of table. Go around table drawing cards one at a time.

If you draw a red card, drink twice. If you draw a black card, don't drink.

If you draw ANY king, pour a desired amount of beer into the center cup.

Whoever draws the final (fourth) king, must chug the center cup.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Not bad. Would be better substituting beer for liquor.
posted on: 11-11-08 @ 8:51 PM

jack in the jug...
posted on: 12-02-08 @ 6:32 AM

this is how we play... 2 : you - pick someone to drink 3 : me - the player who drew the card must drink 4 : take that many sips 5 : guys - lads drink 6 : chicks - girls drink 7 : take that many sips 8 : bitch card. anytime anyone takes a drink, the bitch must drink too. 9 : Rhyme -The player must pick a word/phrase, and, going clockwise around the circle, all players must think of a rhyme with the word/phrase. The player to mess up the rhyme drinks. The starting word must not be rhymeless (e.g. orange, purple). 10 : word association - going clockwise around the circle all players must thing of a word associated with the word before. if the word said has no logical association then the player must drink. J : jacks rule. The player must choose a rule to be in effect for the rest of the game. If any player breaks a rule, he/she must drink Q : answer a question with a question. if a person just answers the question then that player must drink. K : kings cup. The player may pour a decent amount of whatever he/she is drinking into the "king cup" located in the center of the table. When the last (4th) king is chosen, the chooser has to chug the king cup A : waterfall. All players begin to drink at the same time. It goes clockwise around the circle where the player next to the card-chooser cannot stop until the chooser does, and the 3rd player cannot stop until the 2nd one does, and so it goes around the circle until everyone is done.
posted on: 02-16-09 @ 10:17 AM