The Bolivian

on 02.17.2009


* Dice * Vodka * Lots of beer

Every player in the game gives, for example five bottles of beer on the table.

Open one bottle and pour it in a glass. One glass is one bet..

With: Dice 1: You drink. Once you start drinking you must not keep pauses. With number one you get to throw again. If you roll number 1 three times in a row, you are granted to drink a glass of koskenkorva (or vodka). With three number ones you should drink three glasses of beer and one glass of booze.

Dice 2: The person on your left drinks one glass. Lose turn.

Dice 3: The person on your right drinks one glass. Lose turn.

Dice 4, 5: Miss

Dice 6: You get to choose who drinks one glass.Throw again. If you throw three in a row you get to choose who drinks the booze glass.. Three in a row rule: For example. 1,6,1 is also three in a row (6,6,1 etc) Enjoy and get drunk!!

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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