Edward 40 Hands

on 07.06.2009

Rules :

Duct tape 40 oz malt liquor to each of their hands. You cannot use the bathroom, answer your cell phone, or really anything requiring hands until you finish both 40s. In a pinch, if somebody wusses out you make them pour the remaining beer over their head! This should make for one hell of a picture to plaster all over the internet.

Tim S., tims@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
FUCK YEA!!!two of my friends failed themselves on this one, and i couldnt have been more proud
posted on: 08-15-09 @ 3:27 PM

Half a gallon of malt liqueur and no pissing...good luck.
posted on: 10-08-09 @ 9:49 PM

haha that jaggass said the word wusses.... i wonder if he'd punch you in the arm and call you a fag too. i have a game for you... it's called go fuck yourself and die twice wussie face...
posted on: 01-03-10 @ 4:25 AM