Dallas, Texass

on 05.24.2004

Good people of the Dallas Ft. Worth area. I am going to be invading your town. Armed with the knowledge that I will never be able to drink all the beer your good cities have. I am still going to give it my best shot! I am rolling into Dallas on Friday, the 28th. I will be there till Tuesday. Don't worry, Scott will stay behind to take good care of ya'll.

We also are planning to go to Austin and San Antonio over the weekend. So if any of you gals and guys would like to hook-up with us, get some drunkin pictures of me, or just shoot the shit, drop me an email asap. Ohh and we are going out on Lake Travis and Lake Dallas to do some of my favorite things. Which mainly comprise of boating, drinking and nekkid women! So if you are going out for the weekend, drop me an email and we'll hook up to party down!

Hope to meet some of our fans out there!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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