My First New York City Trip

on 12.14.2006

My very first time in New York city, and like many before me, I can say I love that city. Wow was it fun! Every fucking place you look there's something going on, which is way different from what I'm used to here in South Florida. I only got to stay there for about 3 days, but wow did I pack in some good times. As you can see it was me and Dave on the prowl of good times. Fuck not only did we find good times, we found chicks, Christmas trees and hangovers.

Some ass hat that drove this bus thought he could get in this alley way. Not so much.

After laughing my ass off for about 20 minutes, I got the camera out. Mind you this was my first 2 hours in NYC.

Rocking the Time's Square, crazyshit.com style.

Something stinks.

Dave, he's a handsome man, huh?

I got yer Nuts 4 Nuts right here buddy!

Check out the balls on my tree.

What is it? Who knows, but it rocks.

If someone was to fall through this shit, that would be game over like Pacman.

After making fun of this restaurant, we realized we had to meet someone there to eat. Great.

We didn't eat there.

Fuck me, parking is expensive there.

Ohh yeah baby! You know I had too!

Random chicks we met at the bar.

Christmas tree for twenty bucks.

I got the bull by the horn

Ground Zero, this was truely amazing.

Dave sleeping with his new friend. Mr. Christmas Tree.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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