Kickball 2008 - The Hot Carls

on 01.28.2009

We here at Crazy Shit heard some rumors of an adult kickball league, im sure most of you are familiar with this game from back in grade school. Yes, it is exactly the same game, just tweaked a little to accomodate the 21 and over only crowd. Come to find out as the league started, winning was really the last thing on the players minds, it was all about the drinking. Not just drinking before or after the game but DURING the game. I must admit fun times were had and lots of jello shots were consumed. Check out the Hot Carls 2008 in action below, Enjoy.
Hot Carls - Were Not Number One Were Number Two!

Our First Game Of The Season!!

Poop Costumes - Halloween 2008

Our Fearless Leader And The Hot Carlas.

Our First And Only Victory Of The Season!

Ah Yes Captain Ron. Our ....Kickball Veteran

The Hot Carls At The Bar After Our Game

El Capitan

FOCUS! Its Flip Cup Time.

*EDIT* Ok so the above story/pics was not actually our "first" kickball season. Before the Hot Carls a bunch of random strangers, got thrown together on a team, we called ourselves Lead Foot. Granted we did not win one game the entire season, we had a blast. The season of Lead Foot is where I got the name Lucky Charm, TK and Jay met, kickball was introduced and the new "fun team" was born. After our winless season we decided to come back the next season with a new name and kick ass. Thus, The Hot Carls were Born. Below are a few pics from that 1st kickball season as Team Lead Foot. Enjoy.
Team Lead Foot Is Born

Representing At The Flip Cup Tables

Tim S., tims@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
What about Team Lead Foot LC? Did you forget how it all began! The team that brought us both to the seedy dark world we never knew existed. Crazyshit aka Satans playground? Post the picture of you ruling the flip cup table.
posted on: 01-28-09 @ 12:55 PM

Tim S.
Ah yes the winless season one.
posted on: 01-28-09 @ 2:39 PM

posted on: 05-26-09 @ 9:53 PM

It`s nice to see a bunch of guys that never went to colege carrying on like college kids and you`re how old?
posted on: 05-28-09 @ 3:26 PM

Tim S.
posted on: 06-29-09 @ 3:28 PM

What the hell is flipcup and damn you look rough for only being 23
posted on: 11-25-09 @ 7:59 PM