Tour De Bar 2009

on 06.29.2009

Tour De Bar 2009
Tour De Bar is a West Palm Beach Tradition that has been going on for 30 years. Well, that is what someone had told me anyways. I don‘t know how well I believe them. They seem wasted as shit. What is the Tour De Bar all about? It‘s about getting on your bike. Riding to the first bar, drinking some beers, heading to the next bar. Rinse. Repeat. We did this for about seven or eight bars. Hell I kinda don‘t remember too much. I got wasted and well, got wasted.

I do know this, there was over 400 people doing this. Some dressed up, some not dressed much at all. Some were really waste, me. Some weren‘t at all, Tim. But it was a blast. There‘s nothing like 400 of your closest friends fitting into the smallest hole in the wall bars. And I mean small. The second bar was so small, and hole in the wall, the cops had to tell everyone to stop standing in the streets.

We even ran into fans of Crazyshit! They spotted us with our shirts and like, where did you get those? We said, uhh, Crazyshit.com! And they told us of their love for the site. Good times. Other notable things, Henry and I jumped off the docks at a marina. No flat tires. Mike S. lost his wedding ring, and I broke a toe at the last bar‘s pool. Enjoy the pics. --Jay

Let the party begin.

Henry, TK and me.

Mike S., Amy S. and TK. at the start of the day. First bar, the Brass Ring. Look how fresh they look!

Tim at the Brass Ring. Notice the no crazyshit.com shirt on. He‘s got team spirit.

Henry and other drunks getting yelled at in the super small dive bar.

The super small dive bar. Good times.

Me and Henry, at the world‘s smallest dive bar. It was hot was a understatement.

Me and Henry at the Inlet Bar. Bigger, yet with 400 people. Packed like Sardines.

Tim out drinking. I think that is Tim's #1 behind him.

We're stripping down to jump in the water. Soon after we got yelled at by some high school kid not to do that. Boo Hoo.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
So how many drunks fell off there bikes? How many drunks went to jail for P.W.I.
posted on: 11-25-09 @ 7:51 PM