15 Of The Worst Grocery Store Pick-Up Lines...Ever

on 11.15.2001

Please be fore-warned to never use any of the following pick-up lines. Because, if I am in a grocery store and I hear any of these god awful pick-up lines, I will bitch slap you.
15. "Baby, you better get out of that express lane, 'cause you're all that *and* a bag of chips."

14. "Clean up in Aisle BVD!"

13. "Are we in the laxatives aisle? 'Cause the thought of you and me hooking up is running through me like a track-meet'."

12. "How about a little roll in the Bakery Department?"

11. "What a coincidence! You've got butter in your cart, and I've got a copy of 'Last Tango in Paris' at home!"

10. "How much of this caviar do you think I can get into the trunk of my Ferrari?"

9. "I've got some meat here that's 'Best if used by tonight.'"

8. "Price check for mixed roasted nuts on aisle 69!"

7. "You know, it ain't often that I see a lady buying pork rinds, and when I see a lady buying pork rinds, I says to myself, 'This is one chick I *got* to get to know better.'"

6. "What a small world! I belong to the Safeway Club, too!"

5. "So how would you like to become a stock *man*?"

4. "Pssst! My piggly is wiggly."

3. "May I use those melons for my Fruit of the Loom salad?"

2. "Is it really cold in frozen foods, or are you just happy to see me?"

1. "I don't care *how* many items you've got, baby, I could check you out all day long!"

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