Live Art Couple Display 'Sex At The Window'.

on 09.04.2002

A young couple could be making love in a gallery window as part of a live art show.

For one week Max Whatley, 24, and Meg Zakreta, 22, will be on full view as they sprawl on a double bed with a full condom machine on the wall.

They will eat, sleep, and make love as people wander past the Blink Gallery in Poland Street, Soho, central London.

A thin curtain will be drawn around the bed if they decide to make love in their "room", which has been decorated in red by artist Liam Yeates to create what he described as a more passionate environment.

The exhibition, called No Inhibitions, was created by Yeates after he saw the estate agent and nanny kissing in Covent Garden and asked if they would take part.

The couple, who have been dating for three years, thought it would be a good way to decide whether or not to move in with each other.

Max said: "For us, the highs and lows of this experience are in the outcome. Either we will decide to live together - and that will be brilliant - or we will decide we can't live together, which would be disastrous.

"In the meantime I get to spend a whole week in bed with my beautiful girlfriend."

Yeates said: "Sex in 2002 is terrifying but amazing. HIV and Aids are an increasing threat, but we live in a society that is more open and sexualised than ever.

"The work is meant to make people sit up and take notice of this new sexual revolution."

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