Man Breaks Record By Clipping 153 Clothes Pegs To His Face

on 09.30.2002

Garry Turner breaking his world record by clipping 153 pegs to his face /NNP

Garry "Stretch" Turner smashed his previous record by 20 pegs in front of amazed onlookers in York.

The feat took place at WH Smith's store in the city to celebrate the launch of the Guinness Book of Records 2003.

Ben Potter, who works as an assistant in the store and helped organise the event, told The Northern Echo "He looked like he had a very good technique - as though it had been practised many times.

"Garry said that attaching the pegs to his cheeks hurt the most and afterwards you could see he was in a lot of pain. There were marks on his skin that he said would last an hour and he had to keep rubbing his face."

The rules stipulate that there are certain areas of the face where pegs cannot be placed, including the lips.

Mr Potter told the paper: "I think it's a lot easier for Garry to attach the pegs to his face because of the type of skin that he has. He just kept popping them on and they held on to the smallest amount of his skin."

Mr Turner told the crowd his success was due to his elastic skin and large pain threshold.

Members of the public tried to set a record by eating as many Smarties as possible in three minutes using chopsticks. The best attempt saw 54 Smarties eaten, far short of the record of 93 held by Sebastian Pinski, of Leicester.

Story filed: 12:21 Monday 30th September 2002

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