Super Bowl's Funniest Commercials

on 02.09.2006

Here at crazyshit.com we love to make any excuse to drink and party. And what better excuse is the super bowl? Exactly, get fucked up watch the pinnacle of the football season and watch the commercials. Actually who are we kidding, we just want to watch the funny commercials of the super bowl. Over the next few days, I will be updating this page with our pics of the best commercials of the super bowl.


Super Bowl Commercials: Ameriquest Doctor Kills Fly
For some reason, this Super Bowl commercial sticks out as being the funniest of all. Maybe not at the time, but thinking about it later, how the Doctor killed the fly, and as the family walked in he was like, That killed him". Way too fucking funny! But for the life of me, I don't know what it had to do with Ameriquest.

Super Bowl Commercials: The FedEx Caveman
Yet another top pick commercial from Super Bowl. I think my Mom got the biggest kick out of seeing the caveman getting crushed by the huge dinosaur, right after he kicked the little dinosaur.

Super Bowl Commercials: Bud Light Bear Beer Snatcher
Here's our series of the best of Super Bowl Commercials. Bud Light has got to have the best commercials, hands down. And we were howling when the bear was chasing that dude, and he puts the beer down and his buddy steals that beer! I almost pissed myself, just a little

Super Bowl Commercials: Pizza Hut Jessica Simpson's Boots
I'm not really a Fan of Jessica Simpson, but man I sure did enjoy watching her Pizza Hut Super Bowl Commercial. Jessica Simpson may not appear to be the smartest girl on the block, but she sure is hot.

Super Bowl Commercials: Career Builder Monkeys
In my humble opinion Career Builder has the second best Super Bowl Commercials. It's something about those damn monkeys that get me laughing so hard.

Super Bowl Commercials: Hidden Bud Lights
Another great Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial. Those guys know how to make great Super Bowl Commercials. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that one guy punch the walls and pull out Bud Lights. Great Super Bowl Commercial.

Super Bowl Commercials: Grey's Anatomy Shower Scene
Is it just me or are these chicks from Grey's Anatomy just not so hot. It's a decent Super Bowl Commercial. I just don't think it's the greatest Super Bowl Commercial. I just wouldn't be fantasizing about the Grey's Anatomy chicks. Well maybe that one, but that's about it.

Super Bowl Commercials: Ameriquest Plane
Don't judge too quickly. These Ameriquest Super Bowl Commercials are way to funny. I almost like them as much as the Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials.

Super Bowl Commercials: Bud Light Magic Fridge
Hands down Bud Light wins the Super Bowl Commercial war this year. I hope they pay their writers a shit load of money. I know it cost a lot of money to even think about putting up Commercials during the Super Bowl, but I think it may be well worth it.

Super Bowl Commercials: Michelob Football
The Michelob Super Bowl Commercials were pretty funny, but I feel they're trying to be like Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials. They need to find their own Commercial Style. It seems like all their Super Bowl Commercials Revolved around Bud Light.

Super Bowl Commercials: Sierra Mist Securit
Pretty funny Sierra Mist Super Bowl Commercial. What's that chick's name? She's a comedian I believe.

Super Bowl Commercials: Bud Light Mr Fix It
Perhaps I'm just a biased bastard, but I still believe you just can't beat the Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials. They're just too funny. I feel bad for everybody else to tried to compete with Bud Light in the Super Bowl Commercial War.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Ha Ha!!!!! Mr. Fix it...very funny!
posted on: 09-27-09 @ 10:00 PM