Drunken Moose Alert In Norway

on 12.11.2002

Experts are warning that unusual weather has led to groups of drunken moose wandering around the Norwegian forests.

Moose in Norway are getting drunk on fermenting fruit after the warm summer /AP

Many Norwegian moose are becoming intoxicated after eating large numbers of fermenting fruit, which are plentiful after the country's exceptionally warm summer.

According to the Aftenposten newspaper they could pose a threat to humans.

District vet Paul Stamberg says it's the first time he's heard of moose getting drunk.

He assumes they behave in the same way as drunk humans, some become harmless while others are the total opposite.

Martin Kolberg, head of the local animal committee in Telemark, warns people to beware of drunken moose.

He said: "Be careful when you approach moose that have been munching apples for days. Their behaviour can alter and they can become frighteningly aggressive.

"Clap and see how it reacts. If it doesn't retreat but instead comes even closer, by all means stay vigilant. It can be intoxicated and attack."

Story filed: 10:34 Tuesday 3rd December 2002

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