Work Etiquette At CrazyShit

on 05.09.2007

I found this online and thought it was really funny because in my first month of work we have violated every rule of professionalism listed by this  lady on yahoo.  I marked all my comments about her suggestions with a (GJ).  Hopefully this will give you an idea of what working for crazyshit is really like.

Excerpts taken from "Personal Boundaries at Work -- Who's the Boss?" by Dr. Laura Berman(LB)
Commented on by Greg J.(GJ)

1.(LB)"Nicknames aren't for nametags ..."

"Nicknames indicate a casual and personal connection" "Before it sticks, I suggest mentioning that a nickname makes you feel uncomfortable, and let him know what form of address you prefer!"

(GJ)This makes perfect sense because somehow I acquired the nickname chocolateface within the first few weeks of working here.  Might have been because I was going around calling everyone vanillaface.  I really should have seen that one coming.... Thats what she said.

2.(LB)"Pats and squeezes and strokes -- oh my!"
"I find that arm's length is the most professional distance."

(GJ) Do chokeholds count as pats and squeezes?  Cuz if they do then I can already think of 2 incidents of innapropriate pats and squeezes that almost rendered me unconscious.  Basically the lady says no touching but it seems like Jesse and I's wrestling match during the radio show last thursday sorta violated that rule also.

3.(LB)"Happy hour? Try "scary" hour ..."
"We all know the red flags that mixing alcohol and coworkers can raise, ....it's better to decline the offer than find yourself wrapped up in an office scandal."

(GJ)  Well I guess Dollar PBR night would be a case of mixing alcohol and coworkers, but the only scandal was why I didn't show up until 1pm the next day.

4.(LB)"Unless you work for Hugh Hefner ..."
"gifts come across as shady, but it places you in a position of debt -- and when he wants a favor, it may not involve faxing, if you know what I mean."

(GJ) Well i thought the CrazyShit office would have avoided breaking at least one of the rules but Jay bought a palette of those super cheap "Cup O' Noodles".  I do happen to like these a lot so now I am kindof suspicious.  Now for 25 cents a day he has me chained to a PC with no excuse to leave for lunch.  Plus he has the advantage of making me feel indebted to him for feeding me everyday.

Now I realize how much trouble I am truly in.  I guess all I can do about it is pray that Jay doesn't have any special "Faxing" projects he wants me to do.  In the meantime I'll be waiting patiently by the phone for that damn Temp Agency to call me back.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Nice work former shit head!
posted on: 09-27-09 @ 10:43 AM