Talking Clock

on 10.02.2008

After a hard night's drinking in their local bar, a man brings his friends back to his new apartment.
He shows them the Kitchen, Bathroom and Living room and finally, the Bedroom.
Whilst in the Bedroom, he points to a massive gong in the corner and says to his friends:
"That's my talking clock in the corner there",
One of his friends replies "That's not a clock, it's a gong!"
Upon hearing this, he says "Oh yeah? Watch this!" and picks up a mallet by his bed and whacks the gong as hard as he can.
The noise is deafening, ear-shatteringly loud.
His friend says "I don't get it, how's that a talking clock?"
To which he replies "Just wait for it."
Seconds later, they hear furious banging on the wall, followed by "SHUT THE FUCK UP! IT'S 3 0'CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING!!!"

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
ohhhhh my fucking god i am first what a fuckin honor sure glad this could happen this just made my life no i can fucking die in peace
posted on: 06-07-09 @ 12:07 AM

decent joke though
posted on: 06-07-09 @ 12:09 AM

iz a good 1
posted on: 09-27-09 @ 8:19 AM

posted on: 11-25-09 @ 8:42 PM