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on 04.29.2011

Girls in funny videos, is what we want to see. This is why CrazyShit.com was invented, to collect funny girl videos for our users so they don't have to look all over the internet! You see a girl being silly. Next thing you know, that girl has just walked into a wall, or ate shit. That makes for one funny video! Girls and videos do mix. It‘s not just guys anymore that make funny videos.

Maybe it‘s because you think of girls a pretty or petite things. That they can‘t do funny shit. Well, the following girls in funny videos will prove you wrong. From eating shit, to getting pranks pulled on them, these girls know how to make a video funny!

Not only are this girls funny, but they are smelly too: Girls Farting on Camera

Big girl riding a electric bull doesn‘t last long: Big Girl Riding a Bull

Here‘s one chick that will be pissed off for a very long time: Flower Prank Pisses Her Off

This one is great! Here‘s a prank with a hot chick, and a sledge hammer. Enough said: Funny Huge Boob Prank

Well, that was only a few girls in funny videos. I‘ll try to dig some more up for you viewing pleasure.


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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