My Vagina Aint..

on 06.09.2011

Have you seen the video about the chick that says her Vagina Ain't Handicapped? Holy fucking shit, is that probably the best rap video I have ever seen. Sure, she can't walk, but her vagina still works. So grab a beer, and a get ready for some fun. Just make sure to pull out. You don't want any handicapped babies! PS, you're probably not going to hell for liking that video. You are probably going to hell because you come to crazyshit daily. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I'm going to hell anyways.....
posted on: 06-09-11 @ 3:18 PM

only fuck heads believe in a hell and a heaven or any sort of a god, this would mean JAY and 2indastink are fuck head's? Religion is the poison that prevents a heaven from existing.
posted on: 06-09-11 @ 3:29 PM

^ Retard. Without something, there is nothing. There must be a God, if there wasn't matter, space, or time wouldn't exist. There would be less than black. Atheist are fucking stupid.
posted on: 06-09-11 @ 6:30 PM

hoplite thank you very much , you saved me the time of saying that my self! now i have more time to say to goodbye, your a serious fucking retard arnt you? id love to see the look on your face when satan and hitler shove a pineapple up your ass sideways for the first time, but i will be busy porkin angels in heaven, with the rest of the smart folks that took out christian insurance and swore allegiance to jesus christ!!
posted on: 06-09-11 @ 10:49 PM

God may be the Christian God. He may not. By the time you truly know, it'll be to late to tell anyone.
posted on: 06-09-11 @ 11:15 PM

Hey guys! Let me say this first. Wow! Goodbye's quote "Religion is the poison that prevents a heaven from existing.": is a pretty damn good quote! I was like Holy crap THAT is freaking awesome! I haven't taken the time yet to see if that was a "goodbye" original but if it was that quote is one of the few times I really liked what he said BUT, BUT I believe in a higher power, "God"! "Big Bang" and "evolution" are the two choices that we have and both are really out there! The "foundation" of my faith is the life of Jesus Christ which is a proven fact of his birth, King Herod's killing of all first born males in his kingdom. So as a child Jesus was already destined to be preach the word of God and to be crusified(sp?). He was 32-34 years old when crusified correct? IF religion is made up by man then it is the greatest hoax ever! I respect the laws of Christianity and by doing that I am a better more loving and understanding person. How can you hate the idea of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"! In doing this when I die if I am not zipped to heaven my life would not be in vain simply by following that rule of Christianity. Back to the quote by goodbye. The reason I like it is because the fundamentalist fringe of all religion turn to people that love to hate and kill in the name of their religion, so his quote is true in a way. Now we gave him exactly what he wants, attention but I replied because it is a very important discussion. Ron, how is your son? How are you?
posted on: 06-09-11 @ 11:44 PM

i wish my wife had the same attitude....
posted on: 06-10-11 @ 4:31 AM

Religion is the opium ( opiatse ) of the masses
posted on: 06-10-11 @ 11:21 AM

Hoplite. i was interested in your argument right up until you said ` atheists are stupid ` it shows your lack of knowledge and resoned scientific argument, it is like being on a jury before seeing any evidence and shouting ` guilty ! ` ! no ones knows, i am spiritual ( seen many ghosts including the ones i have caused ) but to outright say what you and all the other god pushers say, is well ? pointless. There is more evidence for Bigfoot than the ` Creator ! ` and take this from someone who finds that the evidence exists to tell me Bigfoot is real, can you say the same about your ? or any god ? including Ally the hoolo hoop champion dancing wannabw wench from Honululu > god ???
posted on: 06-10-11 @ 11:22 AM

I am not a God pusher. Without something there is nothing. simply put.
posted on: 06-10-11 @ 6:20 PM