Jerking To The Oldies

on 06.20.2011

I recently found a bunch of old VHS porn tapes that I acquired way back when I first started masturbating. There's something very nostalgic about jacking off to the movies I use to love as a teen, before there was such a thing as internet porn. Now I can watch all my favorite stars from back then including Jamie Summers, Savannah, Tori Wells, Racquel Darrian, Madison, Asia Carrera, Stephanie Swift, and all the other sluts who enriched my pubescence so much. And most of the videos I have are before they got their boob jobs, so that's an extra dose of awesome. It's going to be a busy week. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Hey adam, what's the deal with CS radio? Even the archived shit can't be found. I wanted to hear some of it.
posted on: 06-20-11 @ 8:16 PM

way back when you first started masterbateing? damn dude your mom let you have porn video's when you were 6? you lucky fucker, i had to settle for 10 year old issue's of hustler under my dads side of the bed!!
posted on: 06-20-11 @ 8:32 PM

first one i saw was when i was nearly 14 with john holmes in it, i think it was called "insatiable" .... fuking awesome for a first time porn .....
posted on: 06-21-11 @ 4:08 AM