Member Battles: 2indastink Vs Bigtalk

on 06.23.2011

Today's member battle pits 2indastink vs Bigtalk. As the battle starts out, you hear Bigtalk mumble something about white people, just at the same instant, 2indastink whips out a interracial sheep, and starts to rape it. Bigtalk then says only white people. This only leads 2indastink to go for the Hail Mary of calling in his parents, where he proceeds to sodomize his Dad while his mother screams in horror. As she goes running for the door, she passes Bigtalk, and he tells her, "white people are all inbreeds." As time runs out, a truck full of dead Asian Ladyboy hookers show up. In a frenzy akin to a tornado 2indastink starts violating ladyboy corpses left and right. Finally Bigtalk gives in and says, "fucking inbreeds, if you can't beat them, join them." And picks himself a nice white ladyboy to violate. Tie. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay, your fucking killing me man, you funny cunt.....+1 if you love black cock, or +1 if you love to fuck your dead cousins, I'm currently giving myself a + fucking 1.
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 2:17 PM

LMFAO but the ending is gay
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 2:30 PM

the new video plyers alot better bro
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 2:33 PM

a vote for me is a vote for democracy, never in my lifetime shall I watch my fellow race pick cotton from fields.
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 2:39 PM

That's some funny shit Jay. :)
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 2:56 PM

Who needs soap operas when you have crazy shit like this to entertain you!!
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 3:28 PM

Jay D.
Thanks all, it was a big gay at the end. But hey, when in Rome. You know what's really funny, is when you actually comment on something that doesn't have to do with white people, people still -1 you.
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 4:17 PM

^^That's because his opinion is worthless anyway.
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 4:25 PM

And then jay woke up and 2indastink was just stuffing the last bit of bigtalk into a trash bag for disposal
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 4:42 PM

gotta say i like rodgtards ending better.
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 5:36 PM

i know Jay no offense but fucking white ppl your one of the few good ones
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 6:04 PM

How about a member battle between Tex101 and me for the rights to this avatar? If it's a tie, I better get the lower half. lol
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 6:25 PM

Adam H.
Congratulations, Jay! You're one of the good ones!
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 6:54 PM

Now that was some good writing. I laughed, I cried, and finally, I commented. Good job, Jay.
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 7:31 PM

The more I read bigtalks bullshit the more I realize he is just a 4 foot puerto rican that used to go by JGimages. I thought someone put his PC on a high shelf so he couldn't play with it anymore.
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 8:15 PM

^^^^^^ BLA HA HA HA!
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 8:28 PM

^^^ inda smalltalk ....now thats gay jay ... think about it
posted on: 06-24-11 @ 12:43 AM

Damn I was rooting for 2indastink. He could have catapulted that fucking minge horse names big talk.
posted on: 06-24-11 @ 11:28 AM

bong water enema is the best cure for diarrhea
posted on: 06-24-11 @ 1:40 PM