Always On The Lookout

on 06.24.2011

If there is one life lesson that has been reiterated to me time and time again while working at CrazyShit, it is to always be alert when crossing a street. I was walking around the other day, and was constantly on the lookout for cars that might suddenly veer in my direction. Also, I don't use a phone or any other electronic devices that could distract me from dodging vehicles. I'd like to thank all the inattentive folk I've seen get crushed, for my increased level of pedestrian awareness. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
WELL SAID ....but hers a flip side to that one adam ...... i was walking out from work yesterday when this van doing about 40 km passed me ..... as it passed i realised a few things in a split second. ... 1, i was still on work grounds and just clocked off (no work cover)....2 it was a 5 km zone .... and 3 i slowed my walk because i was checking messages on my phone. ..my aptitude realized that my usual routine waliking out past this same point every day was 5 seconds slower to the point of where the van crossed ..... thank fuck i was checking my phone. OH! AND 4,... there are cameras so u would have had the video sent to u somehow, i know you sick fuks are dissapointed now but only the good die young over in ozzy land, so go and fuk yourselves with a 12 gauge shot gun!.....lmao
posted on: 06-24-11 @ 11:28 PM

You know. . .I pay more attention too, now that I think of it. God bless Crazyshit for their dedication to public safety! GOD BLESS THEM, I SAY! Amen
posted on: 06-25-11 @ 12:45 AM