No Sexy

on 06.25.2011

Today was a day with very little and I mean little sexiness on crazyshit. There was a lot of balls. Balls people! This is what is sent into us. So if you don't like seeing balls, stop sending them in. We could use some fat chicks, we are running low on that. And people doing really stupid shit. I'll have to look in the stock room of what else we are running low on. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
sure not running low on stupid shit, break out the crazyshit or go steal it from heaven 666 or ync or mental zero or something.
posted on: 06-25-11 @ 3:17 PM

I sent you a clip of the "technoviking" a while back. You see that shit?
posted on: 06-25-11 @ 3:37 PM

Jay D.
@sac, you know that video is like 6 years old right? But thanks for sending it in!
posted on: 06-25-11 @ 5:21 PM

So am I... well, 6 and a half!!!
posted on: 06-25-11 @ 6:41 PM

Upendejo has you covered on the fat bitches. Amen
posted on: 06-26-11 @ 1:52 AM