Rain Delay

on 06.28.2011

I love rain, and it's coming down hard today. Hard enough make the Mexican or Guatemalan or whatever brown-skinned Spanish speaking construction workers outside pack up and leave for the day. That's awesome because I'm pretty sick of hearing them banging away and singing songs. Actually, the singing part is kind of funny. But now they'll probably work a long day tomorrow to make up for today. Fuck! --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Now we know why today's posts are full of dead brown people.
posted on: 06-28-11 @ 3:05 PM

if their mexican they'll be sleeping under a tree at lunch time, yea i thought it was a stereotype too untill i saw an entire mexican roofing crew do it
posted on: 06-28-11 @ 7:17 PM

Adam, If you ever get tired of hearing the noise just do what I do, call immigration. It works everytime and it usually stops the noise for a whole week.
posted on: 06-29-11 @ 11:31 AM