A Good Ol' Time

on 07.03.2011

Yesterday was quite eventful and one hell of a good time. Team Crazyshit was riding about 10 deep amongst 100 or so bikers, and we were throwing beers back like the seasoned veterans we are. There was an awesome $5 buffet a few hours in, and I even got to bring some chicken wing hot sauce home on my shirt. We hung out with a lot of cool people, including one special lady whose nips seemed to be permanently erect. I just got home a few hours ago, so now it's time for a hot shower followed by some much needed sleep. I wouldn't mind some more chicken wings either. Mmmm, chicken wings! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
wtf? you found a set of permanently erect nips, and didnt fuckin talk her into a user boob photo? jay dock this fuckers pay for a week !!what kinda team player are you adam, bet if those nips were dicks you'da had a video contract with the dude!! LMAO!
posted on: 07-03-11 @ 3:49 PM

yeah guys hope theres a vid of yas getting gang raped by scary bikers or something ,...start doing your bit for this site instead of partying like its 1999 with all ya millions ya make from us poor ghetto whores
posted on: 07-03-11 @ 8:27 PM