Who Wants To Fuck Casey Anthony?

on 07.07.2011

America's hottest baby killer is not guilty, according to our magnificent justice system, but that's a topic of discussion for some other site. Let's get to the real matter at hand. Would you hit it? She's looking a little rough after her stay in the clink, but I'm sure with the right makeup and clothes, she'd be a fine looking slut once again. I'd get all up in her child murdering ass, and be more than happy to violate every one of her holes, including eye sockets. I'd even drop my load in her and kill our future baby right then and there with a couple well placed punches to her ovaries. What about you? You want to tap that shit, or what? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
FUCK YEA no one deserves a dirty sanchez a puff the magic dragon and a rusy venture more than this broad
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 1:33 PM

Oh god! I would donkey punch a giant brain scrambling hematoma into that slut, untill my balls turned into raisins....
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 1:50 PM

id violate her pussy with a big rusty knife
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 2:37 PM

I'd love her to Death...
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 3:09 PM

she is a sub-human and totally unworthy of living
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 3:09 PM

i recomend stoning her
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 3:10 PM

she is gay
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 3:11 PM

posted on: 07-07-11 @ 3:43 PM

send her cunt ass to the middle east with a tatoo on her forhead that says i may or maynot have killed my dead baby. let them have her
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 5:01 PM

the sad part is the bitch is about to get paid to tell her story to all these magazines stupid cunt i wouldnt pay that bitch to toss my salad i might pay her if she ate it but then if that happened i would make sure and send in some pics to c.s.
posted on: 07-07-11 @ 5:49 PM

I'd slam it like an old van door. . .hard and loud. She looks like the kind of bitch who would be down for an "I hate you Daddy" no-flinch facial. Amen
posted on: 07-08-11 @ 1:04 AM

First time I ever spent the majority of the day jerking it to a misdemeanor sentencing.
posted on: 07-08-11 @ 1:47 AM

I would be found guilty of copping a nut in everyone of her holes.
posted on: 07-08-11 @ 10:02 AM

Fuck yeah. My brain says no, but my pecker says "put it to her"
posted on: 07-08-11 @ 11:30 AM

So let me get this straight...you can kill a baby and get into less trouble than if you had a quarter of weed and a large knife and did nothing else wrong...wtf this country if fucked up...but yes I would bang her in every hole then piss in her mouth...I might even take a dump on her also and wipe my Ass with the american flag because this isn't the way this country was intended to be,the whore should have got the chair
posted on: 07-08-11 @ 12:18 PM