Wet Farts

on 07.11.2011

Yesterday I was laying on the floor, playing with the baby when I let out the biggest wettest sounding fart. I laughed for about 2 minutes on how awesome my fart was. In comes my girl and says, "was that you?" Of course it was! And I'm proud of it. She continued, "you need to check your shorts you shit yourself." Now I know I didn't shart myself, but I guess it just has the wet sound to it. Which leads me to believe that if you know the wet sound, that means you have shit yourself before. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Wet Fart SYNONYM: Juicy Fart The ultimate in flatulence... it is when not only gas is passed through your grocery hole, but a small mixture of juice from the colon comes out with it, producing a wet sound and a lingering nasty stench that one can be proud of. Just make sure to go right to the bathroom and give yourself a good wipe after the fact...it is preventative to the itching and chaffing that will occur, also you may need to change your underware so use caution.
posted on: 07-11-11 @ 1:54 PM

same thing happened to me once but i blamed it on the kid. poor kid had to have his diaper changed and get a bath for no reason.
posted on: 07-11-11 @ 1:57 PM

Soo, did she throw hers away when it happened to her?
posted on: 07-11-11 @ 2:16 PM

sounds like a queer fart to me jay
posted on: 07-12-11 @ 6:26 AM

Isn't there a song about this called "Poop, there it is?"
posted on: 07-12-11 @ 10:26 AM