That's My Boy

on 07.17.2011

I was hanging out at a friend's last night, and somehow the topic of their son's giant wiener came up. The kid is only 4 years old, and apparently is hung like a horse. Mom said that when he was born, the nurse commented on his large package, but Mom had nothing to compare it too. When his male cousin was born not long after, it was clear to her that their boy was truly blessed indeed. And of course Pops is so proud of his little guy. Or rather, big guy. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I didn't know you hung out with my dad.
posted on: 07-17-11 @ 3:12 PM

Jay I don't think you should be talking about 4year old weiners
posted on: 07-17-11 @ 5:46 PM

Better call Maury!!!!
posted on: 07-17-11 @ 8:02 PM

damn if this site go's pedophile ima be the first mother fucker to come to florida and kick the shit outta the lot of ya !!
posted on: 07-17-11 @ 11:44 PM

i didnt know you hung out with black ppl adam i guess i always thought of you as a typical white guy you know love the food love the culture hate the people
posted on: 07-18-11 @ 1:16 AM

Adam, I for one find it refreshing that a person (a child in this case) has been blessed with a large reproductive organ AND..when this said person grows up will wear pants at their waistline, speak English that is understandable and generally give back to the community much more than he takes. There are other people from different socio-economic groups that are equally well blessed but grow up to be hemorrhoids on the anus of life..taking everything and giving nothing in return.
posted on: 07-18-11 @ 11:28 PM