Hubcap Question

on 07.20.2011

Let's take a break from the ban talk for a minute, and talk about some cars. I have a 1969 Coupe Deville, and I want to put some 50's Caddy hubcaps on the ride. I have found some that I like on ebay, here's the link. Now, if the rim size is the same, will these caps fit on my 1969? Did GM use a standard rim for all those years? It would be nice to find some here locally, but I don't think that is possible so I have to get them off ebay. Your thoughts? --El HNIC

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
FIRSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just buy a fucking skateboard instead Jay.
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 2:16 PM

as long as they are the same size rim and caps they will fit... back then every car came with steel wheels and hub caps, you could even use a different make and model cap as long as they are pop-on caps and not locked down with a center lock... if you have the old style rally steel wheels on the 69 they wont fit right, only beauty rings and center caps fit on the rally wheels! mail me a pic of the bare wheel and i can let you know what type of steel wheel you have.
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 2:27 PM

^damn he really is boredshitless. im with 2indastink on this one buy a fucking skateboard instead jay.
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 2:45 PM

sorry jay, i just bought those caps, going to run over them with my big ass truck, will post pics later fuck face
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 3:23 PM

Get sum 13" rims with spinners. Then drop that bitch 1" off the ground. Get a 13 color candied paint job with a but load of mids and tweets (no subs). Next get a tan and change your name to Carlos Sanchez. Remember, you live in Cuba.... I mean Southern Florida.
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 4:25 PM

I don't know about the wheels, but you need to paint that shit purple and get a lime-green rag top.
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 4:39 PM

I don't think they will fit. Even tho the rim size is the same, the deep offset on the hubcaps will prevent them from seating on the modern rims. Check picture #2 on ebay..with the hubcaps turned upside down and you'll see what I mean.
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 6:33 PM

^ thats what i was saying about the rally steel wheels they have the hump for the center cap... but if they are the old flat stock GM's they will.
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 7:00 PM

Jay D.
I'll get a picture, and post it up.
posted on: 07-20-11 @ 7:12 PM

Those old cars are some badass road yachts! Sorry I can't help you with the wheels. I drive a shitty Lexus with no style. Amen
posted on: 07-21-11 @ 12:39 AM

The head nigga in charge should wear a top hat with a feather when he rolls with that thing.
posted on: 07-21-11 @ 12:58 AM

Those are the hub caps that when they come off while you were cruzin were deadly weapons. People have gotten wasted when they got hit with one.
posted on: 07-21-11 @ 8:02 AM