How You Make A Burger?

on 07.30.2011

I'm about to do some grilling for a party, and I was thinking about how other people like to do their burgers on the grill. I like to mix in a egg with the meat to keep them sticking together. Then only flip them twice while cooking. Of course it's always over charcoal. Seasoning on both sides with lots of beer. What's your technique? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I usually marinate my burgers in whale cum, a little tang but a great conversation piece.
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 1:09 PM

Eggs, bread crumbs, onion, seasoning and garlic all in the raw meat. Then put a small chunk of frozen butter in the middle when packing. Juicy ass burgers off the grill. Good call on charcoal
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 1:17 PM

montreal seasoning, flip once, add cheese. Do it over a charcoal grill because gas grills are gay.
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 1:37 PM

i put montreal steak seasoning and instant onion soup mix in the meat before i make the pattys. then when the patys are made you take your finger and poke a hole threw the middle of the burger. this keeps the burger from shrinking when they cook. try it its fuckin cool as hell
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 2:26 PM

Hardees does a good job on my burgers
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 3:59 PM

make two somewhat big patties with worcteshire sauce get a nice big hunk of swiss or mozzarella cheese and roll it around in bacon bits and then put the 2 patties around it. addt steak seasoning and grill on charcoal only.
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 5:24 PM

Stuffed burgers. I set up an ingredient "buffet" where people can grab whatever they want in their burger. I make 2 patties for every burger, one being thinner and about an inch wider than the other. I put their ingredients on the wider patty, put the other patty on top and fold and pinch the patties together all the way around. Throw it on the grill and cook to order. Popular ingredients are mushroom and swiss/ bacon, cheddar and onions/ pepperoni, mozzorella and marinara.
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 6:18 PM

Zombie gots it right on. worcestershire sauce, bacon bits, diced onions, montreal rub and a lil egg. Use a butter tub lid for sizing, and charcoal grill. fukin awesome food!!
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 6:53 PM

i have the wife cook them you pussy whipped mother fucker.
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 7:10 PM

Hey Jay! I like to do burgers a little different at times but I would like to make a suggestion on brats if I may! I cooked brats in Tennessee for many years, about the same way as I did hot dogs but when I moved to WI and went to my first Packer game I learned how to COOK A FREAKING BRAT!! I believe Rodgard is from WI so he can back me up on this. You gotta boil your brats(Johnsonville preferably) in beer(keeping with our theme Pabst Blue Ribbon is a must but you have to say it like Dennis Hopper in "Blue Velvet"!) and onions(any onion will do!). After boiling them for about 1/2 hour(Rodgard, is that about right?) and let them set in the boiled juice overnight. If you are going to tailgate then take them where ever you are going in the boil. Then grill like normal! Try em' and see what you think. I would imagine that every part of the country does certain things the right way. It would be interesting if someone from Maine told us the secret to cooking lobster. Boston would have Clam Chowder! Louisianna would of course do crawfish. I am sure you get my meaning. Does anyone know if there is a thread in the forums regarding this suggestion? Rod, do you mind if I post your song about lil' ole' me here? It's too funny to not be heard! Peace all!
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 10:01 PM

i like them just like i like the pussy bloody
posted on: 07-30-11 @ 10:10 PM

Two ways: 1: plain ass fat burger, 2 lbs of 80/20. Salt, pepper. No bullshit need apply. Thick ass slice of cheddar or munster. Makes three burgers for the boys. 2: Bullshit burger: 80/20, egg, salt, pepper, garlic powder, Old Bay seasoned bread crumbs, onion powder, liquid smoke, Worcestershire, paprika, red pepper flakes to taste. Make em nancy sized for the ladies. Simply limeade and Southern Comfort over ice. Or Simply Limeade and and Cabo Wabo Anejo. Fucking awesome.
posted on: 07-31-11 @ 8:42 AM