Asparagus Piss

on 08.09.2011

I love me some asparagus, not only because it's healthy and delicious, but because of the rank color and odor it makes your piss. If you really want some stinking piss, fill the toilet bowl with your asparagus pee, and let it sit over night with the lid down. When you take your morning leak, you'll be blasted with a smell so foul, it might make you gag a little. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
actually thats the gonorrhea your smelling adam.
posted on: 08-09-11 @ 1:48 PM

you make me fuk,n sick adam, pull ya head in, roflmfao
posted on: 08-10-11 @ 5:08 AM

Ho, Ho, Grasshopper! If you look in the forums for a thread called "It's fucking GREEN!" then you will see what happens when a madman makes asparagus a part of his daily diet for several YEARS in order to make his jizz taste as rotten as humanly possible (along with red meat, garlic and coffee). That madman would be me. Amen
posted on: 08-10-11 @ 5:19 AM

i agree with rockinron
posted on: 08-10-11 @ 11:32 AM