Pregnant Crack Whores

on 08.10.2011

I know some of you don't go to see all the porn videos we have. But sometimes they are more than just porn. They are the underbelly of society. Example A, is today. A chick that is a stripper, girlfriend, soon to be Mommy, and a crackhead. I guess you can add in prostitute for good measure. As crackheads do, she is down for sucking dick for some cash to get more rocks. Then later today, she's going to work at the strip club. See the crackhead video here. It's interesting. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Once a pregnant bitch swallows a load for cash, the only way further down is straight to bestiality. And God bless crack whore confessions for their good work. Amen
posted on: 08-10-11 @ 2:16 PM

a crack whore aint worth 5 bucks if she wont let ya dump yer nuts down her throat!
posted on: 08-10-11 @ 2:54 PM

jay i watch everything you and adam post but its porn theres not much to comment on porn "oh yea two ppl fucking again"
posted on: 08-10-11 @ 6:04 PM

Don't you get it? It's not JUST porn! It's a pregnant crack whore sucking cock and sharing her miserable story. . .It's CRAZYSHIT!
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 12:31 AM

it is known as fate
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 2:59 AM