Some Love Mail

on 08.11.2011

A few days ago I posted the German guy who sent lots of dick pictures to us and got all pissed when they didn't posted right away. After I posted them, he sent us a lovely email, and I think it's worth a read. We do our best to please our fans here at Crazyshit, and it feels good to know that we're giving back to the community. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
congratulations adam you now officially have a stalker!
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 12:31 PM

question is, will he get a restraining order against his new stalker? or just fuck him in the ass once in awhile?
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 12:49 PM

he's not a stalker, he's adams' lover.
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 12:57 PM

damn adam the rumor of you being gay is spreading like wild fire they even started rioting in london
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 3:10 PM

creepy, bro. i'd change my name and buy a big gun.
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 6:54 PM

Seems CS is full of stalkers. Someone, who I saw on a diff site, google'd my username on there to find me on here, then created an account just to message me. I never even sent them a hello. Tell me that is not freeking creepy!
posted on: 08-12-11 @ 1:55 AM

i try not to give a fuck but i still have a little human left in me.
posted on: 08-12-11 @ 11:36 AM

I don't understand what's so funny about my email ? I have used in my email bevor some bad language so I think it was a good move to apologize myself. And I hope Adam is still my friend so what's the problem ?
posted on: 08-13-11 @ 10:14 PM