Walking Farts

on 08.13.2011

Yesterday I was walking to my truck, when I had to drop some ass. The weird part is it was one hell of a long ass fart. But it wasn't just one long continuous fart. It was like a machine gun fart. Basically every step I took was a fart. I started getting worried after about 10 steps. Not worried that anyone was behind me, because that would have been awesome. Worried that I might have a good fart go bad, and shit myself. As I let it all out, I was relieved to know, I didn't shit myself. But that kind of thing can happen. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
farted so loud and stanky at a truck stop in iowa once, that truckers around me actually walked away from my general area, looking like they would be sick.
posted on: 08-13-11 @ 1:54 PM

You're getting old dude. My grandma used to walk that.
posted on: 08-13-11 @ 2:00 PM

^LIKE! Like that! dammit ^
posted on: 08-13-11 @ 2:02 PM

you have weird fetishes Jay, same like those jap scat porn
posted on: 08-13-11 @ 3:50 PM

You should wear diapers for next time.
posted on: 08-13-11 @ 10:47 PM

Anybody want to see my cheese dick with the foreskin pulled back, or maybe you would like to see me pose in my two tone birthday suit again.
posted on: 08-14-11 @ 4:15 AM

farted and shat my self on a crowded bus once, on the plus side i got the seat all to myself.
posted on: 08-14-11 @ 5:37 AM