Doggie Eats Da Poo Poo

on 08.16.2011

One of the dogs has taken to the baby's shitty diapers. It is pretty gross, but funny as hell too. If the baby shits, you know it because the dog is on the other side of the gate waiting for the changing. He then follows you into the room, waiting for the diaper to hit the pail. One really bad shitting that was all over the place, he actually cleaned up the boy's shorts and shirt. Thanks little guy. I think the dog is Japanese. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
no shit, my dumb ass dog was useing the kids training potty for a food dish for 3 fuckin days. every time id forget just for 5 minutes or turn my back the furry little fucker was eating my sons shit!!!
posted on: 08-16-11 @ 5:46 PM

Unfortunately, I know how that goes. Plus, my dogs would eat their own poo. It's gross, but hey, they cleaned it up for me. They actually do it out of instinct. This ain't the site to get all factual and mushy-gushy, but that's how your dog is protecting the little guy from "predators".
posted on: 08-17-11 @ 1:05 AM

Better a shit-eating Japanese dog than a faggot dog like mine. When he escapes the yard, he tries to fuck the other dogs in the neighborhood. I can understand him wanting to run free and get laid, but it's ONLY the male dogs.
posted on: 08-17-11 @ 1:11 AM