Stink Eye

on 08.20.2011

On the video about the chicks smelling farts, I said they should be careful not to get pink eye. Then I gave that a bit of thought. Someone somewhere has had to get pink eye from smelling a fart. Then told their friends about it. Who in turn told the world. What sucks the most I would think, is the tiny bits of fecal particles that would have to hit your eye to get the stink eye. So if you are going to get close to some ass, protect your eyes at all times. Pink/stink eye is not a laughing matter, unless you tell me about it. Then I will laugh at you. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
so what your saying is this has happened to you. or did you accidently give your wife stink eye making her a hair air bisket one morning.
posted on: 08-20-11 @ 1:31 PM

I wanna know who was an idiot enough to go, "Dude, so I was smelling farts, crazy I know, and some shit flew into my eye and I got pink eye!" Uhm, wouldn't most keep that to themselves and make up a lie about how they really got it?
posted on: 08-20-11 @ 2:29 PM

i was walking down the road when a sudden gust of wind blew me off my feet and i landed face first between some girls ass cheeks, before i could remove my face from her ass a massive fart gave way and almost forced an eyeball out of its socket, thus giving me the biggest dose of pink eye ever recorded in human history. hows that for a lie erisnoelle?
posted on: 08-20-11 @ 3:56 PM

Or you could just say you're a filthy hobo who didn't clean house and -tada!- pink eye.
posted on: 08-20-11 @ 8:40 PM