Maui Thai Time

on 08.22.2011

I have started training again after some time off trying to get the mobile site done. We have a few little bugs left, but it should be live soon. Back to training though, I usually do a hour and half of Jiu Jitsu a day, and that was it. It was good enough for a work out that's for sure. But I want to lose twenty pounds by October 26th. So I had to kick it up a notch, by adding Muai Thai in. Fuck what a painful sport. To toughen up your legs, someone kicks you. Then you kick them both inside and outside of your legs. Repeat for the ribs, etc. The fun part though is catching someone slipping to landing a good one to the kisser. The not fun part is getting caught slipping. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Been training/teaching muai thai since I was 8. If your ever in Sac come to the gym. Niavaroni's Kickboxing Inc. "Kick the tree!" "remember your brother?"
posted on: 08-22-11 @ 2:29 PM

And a hearty "Sweaty Cup" to you all!
posted on: 08-22-11 @ 2:42 PM

wont do any good. everyone allready knows adam is training you to come out of the tranny closet!!lmao!!
posted on: 08-22-11 @ 2:53 PM

Jay D.
@Ron, zing! Sac, if I ever make it there, I certainly will. I guess I'm just going to start kicking the heavy bag at the house everyday. But that shit hurts. Maybe I can get my girl to hit me in the legs w a broom handle. At least she will get some enjoyment out of it. We could call it forplay. Sweaty cup right back at you!
posted on: 08-22-11 @ 3:23 PM

you wana lose 20 lbs you salad dodger, put the fuckin fork down man !
posted on: 08-22-11 @ 7:55 PM

Jay D.
Fuck that. I'll just work harder so I can eat more
posted on: 08-22-11 @ 8:04 PM

Try a rolling pin on the shins, roll up and down. It sucks but will help by deadening the nerves in your shins. Try some body hardening techniques for your sides.....You'll love those.....
posted on: 08-22-11 @ 8:58 PM

Just go on a Tren (trenbolone acetate...yea, it's fuckin' roids but who gives a shit)cycle. You'll sweat 20lbs off in your sleep within a week if you're hiting the gym hard enough, with a calorie restricted diet that is.
posted on: 08-22-11 @ 11:49 PM

Lose the turkey leg mouth piece. It will help you breathe better.
posted on: 08-23-11 @ 12:56 PM

PS. Its muay Thai... Im drunk, whats your excuse?
posted on: 08-24-11 @ 12:40 AM