Camping Trip Cancled

on 08.23.2011

We had planned a camping trip in the Florida Keys with about 15 of our friends that just had to be cancelled today. We had people coming in from Philly, Georgia, and North Florida. Sucks, I was really looking forward to no electricity, being on the beach and drinking a shit load of beer. I guess I will have to settle with no electricity and beer here at home when this hurricane passed by. The thing that really sucks is, the next open spots at the campground aren't until May of 2012. Fucking A! --Jay

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you damn sure better have a generator and a satelite up link for crazyshit. or theres gonna be more then a hurrican fuckin up your shit after the storm!! i gotta have my crazyshit or i gets all nuckin futs on people!!
posted on: 08-23-11 @ 1:54 PM

I will be there June 26, 2012 thru July 4th!! Go during that time!!!
posted on: 08-23-11 @ 1:59 PM

suck it up, and be a man for once in your life.
posted on: 08-23-11 @ 2:29 PM

fucking camping trip versus wics=no contest
posted on: 08-23-11 @ 4:15 PM

That sucks dude. I'm going to mexico, all inclusive in october. I may drink myself to death.
posted on: 08-23-11 @ 11:51 PM

let me be the first to congratulate u on the mobile site jay... ITS FUCKING AWESOME !!!!!!!,.... on the toilet today at work look,n throgh the pic page think,n when in the fuk are these vids gonna work , ... i thought, i,ll just check it too see if these vids are work,n and BAM! up pops the play arrow... and what a way to christen the iphone with the taliban blown to fuk,n bits... i pulled me strides up all excited like and ran out to show all the guys my cock , i mean vid..... what a great day, .. bless u jay!..hey that rhymes
posted on: 08-24-11 @ 6:59 AM

Jay D.
Breaking News! Camping trip back on. There will be some wasted people on Bahia Honda this weekend. @CG you buying the beer, we'll bring the meat. @lardbob, haters gonna hate. @sac, so you got room for me? @downunder, nice! I'm glad it works. It's simpler, but fucking works! Videos also work on ipads as well.
posted on: 08-24-11 @ 3:31 PM