Fuck Palm Beach

on 08.27.2011

The hurricane waves are winding down, but today should still be pretty good, so I'm about to wax my board and go catch some while I still can. But one thing that's been pissing me off is those yuppy fucks on Palm Beach are taking away all the parking spots. They made most of the street parking $5 an hour or permit only. I refuse to give those cock suckers my money, so I've been doing some extra walking lately. Fucking rich white people. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
ya no shit,fuckin rich white people! so how far away did you hafta park the company mercedes?
posted on: 08-27-11 @ 4:30 PM

^^ yeah nice call, ..lmao..every other week it seems u guys are on holiday, so who are the fucking rich white people, and wealth is measured in how much time u have versus money, seems to me your in the FRWP CATERGORY boys.. way to go ya rich fuks!!!
posted on: 08-27-11 @ 8:49 PM

you should walk. you need to lose the weight, ya fat fuck.
posted on: 08-28-11 @ 1:31 AM

Not much better up here on Clearwater Beach either.
posted on: 08-28-11 @ 3:16 PM