Who's Got Red Wings?

on 08.30.2011

I'm just curious today about what all of you fuckers out there do when your girl is on her period, or for ladies, what do you do, as far as sex goes? Is it blowjobs only, do you get some anal, or does nothing change at all and you attack that bloody mess? What about oral? Do you mind the taste of a little blood? Ever get fucked with a tampon in and got that shit wedged up in you? Let's hear some stories, folks.

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
must be yer needing some new fapping phantasys there adam. well all i can say is i have done all of the above! hate eating at the Y when her aunt is in town though. but dont mind pounding the cork in farther as long as i dont hafta go get it.
posted on: 08-30-11 @ 2:29 PM

well they say all bleeding is bound to stop sooner or later and if she dont mind i dont either but i really dont like to end up with a koolaid smile
posted on: 08-30-11 @ 3:01 PM

Only women can bleed consecutively for a week and not die...But I think anything sexual while on my period is nasty. I'm bleeding from my nether regions...sexy {sarcasm}.
posted on: 08-30-11 @ 3:26 PM

See the bloody pussy thread in the forumsme and others share pix n stories
posted on: 08-30-11 @ 3:37 PM

When on the rag it's anal for her... But a story from my buddy mic was he fucked her up the ass only to withdraw a pic nic bar looking shlong and then entered the bloody arena with it ... Literally blood and shit was every where he said followed by a massive thrush infection ... And yes his wife is Asian
posted on: 08-30-11 @ 6:01 PM

its not science fuck her in the shower
posted on: 08-30-11 @ 6:50 PM

When it's period time...you're just a punching bag till it's over
posted on: 08-30-11 @ 7:30 PM

jesus iv been with her for 7 years! i dont want to fuck her even when she's not on the rag! sadly gone are the days when she used to force her head down on my cock and not come up for air till i shot my gonad glue down her cake hole.
posted on: 08-30-11 @ 7:37 PM

If the river runs red, take the dirt road instead!
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 12:11 AM

When it's rag time, I call it blowjob week.
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 1:16 AM

I take it you are not married adam, its hard enough getting sex when the painters arn't in...
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 4:44 AM

If you take the pill without taking the so-called "sugar pills" that bring on the period you can go without it for months. Life without menstuating is much better as far as I'm concerned.
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 4:44 AM