Peeing Out Your Butt

on 08.31.2011

Is it possible to drink too much water that you just pee out your butt? Let me set up the scenario. I wake up. Slam a pint of water. Take a solid shit. Then eat breakfast (oatmeal). Then have to shit again. This time, the shit is pretty solid. Next, drink another glass of water. Then, it's time to poop again, this time, it's like water shooting out my asshole. Did I drink too much water too fast? Wouldn't the oatmeal slow it down? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
DRINK A 12 PACK OF NATI ICE, YOUR ass will bleed
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 2:11 PM

you are one gay mother fucker.
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 3:59 PM

i had that so bad once it was like a granade going off in my ass, then followed by boiling hot stagnant pond water mixed with rotting fish guts and eggs, man it felt like i was puking out of my asshole. at one point i actually thought i was gona pass out from the pain and the smell. must of been that hand full of nuts i had between pint nine and ten. . .
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 4:30 PM

it is called diarrhea, noob
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 4:49 PM

your guts finally liquified from all the crazyshit you been lookin at on here.
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 7:19 PM

Umm last time i cchecked liquids go too ur bladder and food goes to ur ass u had the squirts homie u ate some fucked up shit.
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 9:06 PM

Oatmeal is a a high fiber meal. Add water to lube it a little more and its like a water hose squirting in the toilet. That or parasites in your oatmeal.
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 9:35 PM

You fat sick pig of a cunt, you are definately going to die from cancer of the gut, good riddens fatso.
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 10:09 PM

I know how you feel Jay,bigmacs go right through me.I had a coupon a couple weeks ago for buy one,get one free,i was starvin so i got them and before i was halfway through the 2nd sandwich,i was firing seaseme seeds out of my ass like a gattling gun.
posted on: 09-01-11 @ 7:04 AM