My Tea Party

on 09.02.2011

I've been drinking lots of herbal teas lately, and I have one that is a detox tea. It doesn't taste that great, in fact it burns the throat a little, but it does make me feel good. And I'm pissing every fucking hour. That part isn't the coolest, but it's a lot better than shitting every hour. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
things that dont make you feel good , dont make you feel good for a fuckin reason! coz there not fukin good for you! if you shit every hour you might be food intolerant, they also make you fart repugnant shit that smells like satans ass!. my girl has this and by god the bed room smells like No1 fans asshole after a roofie night out!. look into wheat intolerance and more than likely dairy intolerance. honestly iv just heard her fart in the next room. i aint goin in there for a few hours.
posted on: 09-02-11 @ 8:32 PM

One of the first times on here I've actually seen sound advice.
posted on: 09-02-11 @ 9:55 PM

yeah, iv been known to suffer from moments of clarity from time to time, i really must put a stop to it
posted on: 09-03-11 @ 10:59 AM