Wake Up, Leg

on 09.07.2011

Ever try to stand up without realizing your leg is asleep? I got up real quick and nearly busted my shit when I tried to bear weight on my sleeping appendage. But thanks to my cat like reflexes, I was able to maintain my balance, and get to the toilet without incident. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
cat like reflexs? dude the numberone animal to find splattered into road pizza is a cat. i wouldnt brag about my reflexs like that if i was you. better to say ya got the balance of a drunk russian. those fuckers can walk to bataan and back drunk,with out falling over
posted on: 09-07-11 @ 3:42 PM

^^^Russia is a good nation, you should not stereotype like that
posted on: 09-07-11 @ 10:06 PM

Hey azzhole fuck u and russia that country sucks dick like u who gives a fuck about that china loving communist fuck faggot ass licking bitches. So shut ur cocksucker and go get ass raped by a group of muslim kids... Kudos bitch haha. xD
posted on: 09-07-11 @ 11:45 PM

jesus adam the long winter nights must just fly by in your house. . .
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 9:03 AM

hello makemebad shut the fuck and have g@y xex with your BF like you always do .
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 4:43 PM