How Do You Clean Up?

on 09.08.2011

Let's say you just sat down and took yourself a nice big shit that's going to need a lot of wiping. But oh no, you're all out of toilet paper and don't even have any tissues. What do you do? Do you shuffle out to the kitchen with your shitty ass and grab some paper towels? Do you spread your cheeks under the bath faucet and rinse clean? Or do you just grab a hand towel to soil and throw it away after? How are you going to get rid of your shit ass? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you always got to check if you have toilet paper if you don't just get some paper towels, it might feel like sand paper but it gets the job done
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 3:02 PM

Depends, if no ones home I'm shuffling to the kitchen. If I'm not alone I'm using the hand towel or maybe my bf's dirty clothes...f'er shouldn't have left em in the bathroom :D
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 3:28 PM

here i shit,in this vapour, what a mess-there's no paper, time is short...i must not linger, guess ill have to use my finger
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 4:22 PM

Never happens at my crib cos I got enough fuckin' common sense to keep bungwad in stock.

However, if it happens when I'm partying at some crackhouse like yours, I'd use one of the GOOD hand towels and flush it halfway down the crapper as a warning to the next poor sumbitch.

posted on: 09-08-11 @ 4:41 PM

just scoot your ass across the carpet like a dog
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 5:05 PM

^^+1 to larbob
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 5:10 PM

Sacrafice a sock and make a shit-mitt
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 6:43 PM

me i call for the dog or wife to do the job with her face
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 7:04 PM

dog does a damn fine job of licking the leftovers off the my dinner plate....so what the hell why not.
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 7:28 PM

this is where my and madonna have one thing in common, we both get in to the groove.
posted on: 09-08-11 @ 11:34 PM

one-eleven a three finger smudge
posted on: 09-09-11 @ 4:11 AM